Emily & David

When one of your closest friends ask you to photograph her wedding....you say I do!!

We have prayed for Emily and David and their wedding finally arrived! (on my birthday none the less!) This day was just a dream. I feel so lucky to have been apart of this day! God shone brightly on them on their wedding day and they were blessed with a gorgeous day filled with love and many blessings.  To see the entire gallery click HERE!

The nicest and sweetest couple there ever was...

It was two weeks before her wedding, and Sabrina emailed me in hopes of being free to photograph her wedding. We met up in Hoboken to chat about her special day, and it turned into a fun night out with a new friend. 

Sabrina is the sweetest woman on earth! She works for   Charity Water, a non-profit organization that brings clean drinking water to those around the world who don't have access to any. Sabrina travels the world researching and bringing forth technology to help those who need water. Her heart is so kind and so loving, it's no wonder she found Mark, an equally amazing human being! 

Check out some of these amazing photos from their beautiful Labor Day wedding. 
See more in their wedding gallery! 

Take a Chance

I made a bold move by reaching out to Jessi Afshin of The Darling Detail.

I had been following Jessi's fashion via Like to Know It, (an Instagram feed that lets you screen shot and find outfits from your favorite fashionistas.) She has a killer sense of style and has a heart for JESUS! (a rare but beautiful combo!) This fashion blogger from Texas was going to be in NYC and was looking for a photographer, and this photographer was looking for an opportunity. 

As God would orchestrate, Jessi ended up reaching back to me and said she felt that this was a good match up, she and I, and wanted to work together. We scheduled a 7am session in NYC and between chats on the phone and messaging through Instagram I had a gut feeling this would be a wonderful photo shoot. 

As I headed into the city, my heart sunk as I noticed the dark clouds and drizzle. "Oh man! Was this too good to be true?!" I did not want to cancel! Jessi would be in NYC for a little bit, and I wasn't sure if I had the nerve to seek out another high profile fashion blogger! 

Nevertheless, Jessi greeted me in the hotel lobby with a warm smile and bright attitude. She grabbed us umbrellas and we headed out! Thankfully the streets weren't busy, and Jessi was a modeling pro! As our time together went on we chatted, headed to a beautiful glass room for shelter from the downpour of rain, grabbed coffee and really got to know each other.

I am so thankful that God allowed us to meet! Jessi is an inspiration to young business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere. Her confidence exudes and magnifies her beauty. She has a wonderful work ethic and has become a huge blessing in my life!

I always say that I need to KNOW my clients and that i ALWAYS seek to build relationships with them, and I am so blessed that I find clients that feel the same way! Remember, we need to take chances in life...that's where we really grow as people and business owners. So be BOLD (and let me know how it goes!)

Go check out the rest of our photo shoot together!


Three in One

It's pretty great when you get three different types of photo shoots in one session! Karina is a dear friend of mine i met while working at The Capital Grille. She and I have shared our hearts to each other and have a unique connection. Karina is a perfect model for any photographer. You ask her to stick her head in a flower plant and you get this photo...

You ask her to dodge traffic and you get this photo....

Whatever she did I felt inspired and excited. I love those types of sessions where my client trusts me and is willing and open to my crazy ideas.

Right after this photo it began to POUR. We ran to my car where i proceeded to drop my phone and crack my screen! (If you've ever cracked your screen you know how dreadful that feels). As my husband would say......"Now you got that Spiderman App." ;) 

Well regardless it was very worth it! Karina was a dream to photograph.

Go ahead and take a look! Let me know which photo is your favorite! <3


Chiara is ONE

She was happy the moment we started taking photos. A rain storm had just passed, and the humidity was thick, but with a big smile and a energy that could tire out the energizer bunny, we ran around the yard  and I was snapping as many photos as I could as she smiled and laughed and ran. Chiara's gentle demeanor and loving heart made way to these stunning photos that captured her authentic beauty.