Three in One

It's pretty great when you get three different types of photo shoots in one session! Karina is a dear friend of mine i met while working at The Capital Grille. She and I have shared our hearts to each other and have a unique connection. Karina is a perfect model for any photographer. You ask her to stick her head in a flower plant and you get this photo...

You ask her to dodge traffic and you get this photo....

Whatever she did I felt inspired and excited. I love those types of sessions where my client trusts me and is willing and open to my crazy ideas.

Right after this photo it began to POUR. We ran to my car where i proceeded to drop my phone and crack my screen! (If you've ever cracked your screen you know how dreadful that feels). As my husband would say......"Now you got that Spiderman App." ;) 

Well regardless it was very worth it! Karina was a dream to photograph.

Go ahead and take a look! Let me know which photo is your favorite! <3